Social Entities

– Presidency –

In the current term (2022-2024), Sara Silva serves as the president of CVA, with Rui Virgínia as Production Responsible and Manuel Lopo de Carvalho as Trade Responsible.

General Council

Francisco Castelo Branco is the presidente of the General Council. Other members are: 

    • Production Representatives: Edite Alves, Mário Santos, Pedro Cruz, and David Corticeiro
    • Trade Representatives: José Luís Santos Lima Oliveira da Silva, Luís Olazabal de Almada, Jorge Monteiro, Patrick Agostini
    • Sole Auditor: Miguel Galvão 

The CVA, its organisational structure and respective operating mode are safeguarded and provided for in its own statutes and regulations: 

Stakeholders committee

The Stakeholders Committee, is responsible to ensure the impartiality of the decisions made by the CVA. Its composition and operation is regulated by the CVA statutes. The function of the committee, which meets annually (unless an extraordinary meeting is called), is to formulate recommendations on: 

    • Imapartiality policies and procedures regarding certification activities; 
    • Identification of trends by the certification committee related to commercial or other aspects that may hinder the impartial performance of its activities; 
    • Other aspects affecting impartiality and confidence in certification.